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Aromastick | Natural Inhaler Calm

43,99 RON
34,00 RON

Don’t let the day get the better of you. By soothing mind and body, the AromaStick Calm ensures you stay composed and in control, no matter what the situation. Inner Strength. Reassurance. Confidence.

  • Organic Bergamot Oil is extracted from compelling, aromatic citrus fruit. The oil itself contains alpha-pinene and limonene, these components better blood circulation, which helps to elevate feelings of joy. Flavonoids present in Bergamot Oil calm nerves and diminish anxieties.

  • Organic Lemon Oil contains sleep-promoting and calming properties. The citrus fruit helps to relieve anxiety and nerves.

  • Organic Cedarwood Oil is known to treat people diagnosed with chronic anxiety. Its natural properties release serotonin, inducing restful sleep.

  • Organic Clary Sage Oil, a native European medicinal herb, stimulates the mind with feelings of optimism, confidence, and a boosted self-esteem, reducing depressive thoughts.

  • Organic Vetiver Oil contains nervine and sedative properties. The earthy oil helps to calm nervous disorders and aids insomnia.

In a recent study, 45 participants tested AromaStick Calm. The all-natural AromaStick Calm dramatically affected systolic and diastolic blood pressure by lowering systolic by 15 mmHg and diastolic by 6 mmHg, while also reducing the heart rate to 7 beats less per minute. Its relaxing properties enabled the stress hormone cortisol to reduce by 17%, which is essential due to the fact that cortisol and weight management, energy levels, brain functionality often go hand-in-hand. Lower blood pressure and cortisol levels ultimately propelled a 12% increase in general wellbeing.

AromaStick, manufactured in Switzerland, is designed to deliver all scents directly into the nose, unlike aromatic sprays that cling to the air. The limbic system in the brain - handles emotions - is on the direct receiving end of the olfactory receptors in the nose, highlighting the efficient suspended filter technology design of the inhalers. This product is easy to carry on-the-go, meaning it is available to use wherever or whenever!

Order AromaStick Natural Inhaler Calm today and let its comforting scent transform your mind into a positive, controlled, and relaxed state. The blend of 100% all-natural and calm-inducing ingredients will help you relax, and most importantly, experience peaceful and deep nights of sleep.

Organic Bergamot Oil, Organic Lemon Oil, Organic Cedarwood Oil, Organic Clary Sage Oil, Organic Vetiver Oil.