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La Siesta - Hamac tip scaun Basic Caribena Aqua Blue

279,27 RON

Hamac tip scaun Basic Caribena Aqua Blue - LA SIESTA - 100% Bumbac

Hamac tip scaun Basic Caribena Aqua Blue - LA SIESTA - CIC-14-3

Hamac tip scaun Basic Caribena Aqua Blue - LA SIESTA - 100% Bumbac

La Siesta - Hamac tip scaun Basic Caribena Aqua Blue
Inaltime totala hamac Inaltime totala hamac 140 cm
Latime totala hamac Latime totala hamac 105 cm
Inaltime totala hamac:   Inaltime totala hamac:                     155 cm
Capacitate maxima Capacitate maxima 130 kg
Tara de origine hamac copii hamac Joki La Siesta Tara de origine Columbia
Material hamac copii Joki La Siesta Descriere material

Suprafata de sezut: 100% bumbac; Corzile: 50% bumbac, 50% poliester; bara distantatoare din lemn de bambus certificat din explotari forestiere controlate

Inaltimea minima necesara montajului 200 cm
Lungimea barei din lemn 110 cm
Dimensiuni ambalaj hamac 110 x 5 x 5 cm
Greutate proprie hamac Joki La Siesta Greutate proprie hamac 2,1 kg
Bumbac Pur Bumbac Pur Bumabac pur, nereciclat, rezitent si nescamosabil.
Bara distantatoare fabricata din bambus Bara de distantare este fabricata din lemn de bambus.  The spreader bar is made of cultivated bamboo. Gratie procesului de fabricatie acetsa are o structura extrem de robusta ai o suprafata extem de bine finisata. Bambusul resita excelent la intemperii si poate fi lasata afara toata vara fara a-i afecta rezistenta. Culoarea inchisa se obtine printr-un procedeu special la cald, ce poarta denumirea de caramelizare.
Explotare forestiera controlata Lemn certificat FSC - din explotari forestiere controlate
Inel de rotire inclus Inelul de rotire inclus: permite rotirea in siguranta a hamacului
Cusaturi rezitente la desirare Rezitent la rupere: tivului dublat.
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Pentru rezistenta sporita

Hamac lavabil in masina de spalat rufe Hamac lavabil in masina de spalat rufe Material detasabil. Hamac lavabil in masina de spalat rufe pe programul RUFE DELICATE la 30 °C.
Testat GS - Siguranta certificata TÜV Produse testate si certificate de German TÜV Rheinland.

Hamac pentru copii


Hamac recomandat intre 3 si 9 ani.

LA SIESTA - Colombian Hammock Chair Basic CARIBEÑA aqua blue

Hamac tip scaun A hammock, but in a seated position! Suspended from the ceiling, a beam or branch, hammock chairs are a highlight for your living environment, inside as well as outside.
Hammock chair Basic Caribeña aqua blue is made of pure, high-quality cotton. It is from Colombia, where hammocks have always been an essential part of everyday life. This hammock chair features a tearproof selvage created by doubling the weft threads, thus making sure that you will be able to enjoy your peaceful LA SIESTA oasis for many years to come. A multitude of suspension cords ensures an even distribution of weight. The spreader bar is made of high-quality hardwood from well-managed forests (FSC®). A trademark characteristic of a LA SIESTA hammock chair is its integrated safety swivel, allowing for secure rotation of your hammock chair, thus making it more durable.
Columbia Generous, always surprising, full of loveable contradictions: Colombia is a country of many colours, fascinating people and as such, the epitome of South America. Exactly this diversity is mirrored in the most traditional of Colombian handicrafts, the hammock. LA SIESTA celebrates it with the colourful collection HANDMADE IN COLOMBIA.